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Remember, this is NOT criminal matter,
however a response is generally required within 14-30 days of receiving the summons.
*Time frames may vary based on your state
Remember, this is NOT criminal matter,
however we must respond within 14-30 days of receiving the summons.
*Time frames may vary based on your state
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*Documents are sample responses and should not be used in lieu of legal advice from a licensed attorney in your state.
**Only available where attorney network may exist. Does not include all states. Currently only in NC, CA, HI.

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The basic service is provided to you FREE of charge. This will provide you a sample response document that you need to file with the court. If you would prefer to have one of our skilled attorneys review, prepare and file the answer on your behalf, we are here to help. Simply opt into our Premium Package and we will take it from there!

Attorney review
Drafting of the response document
PDF download copy
Filing fee calculation
Document filing at the court house(1-6 days)
Status updates

Opt for the Premium Package and have an attorney act on your behalf.**

**Only available where attorney network may exist. Does not include all states. Currently only in NC, CA, HI.

$199 (one-time fee)
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Free service means no money to pay or return. However, if you pay for a premium service then YES, if we do not provide the service you request we will gladly refund your money.**

Service requests are limited to drafting an answer, and review of the answer. Filing the answer with the court is subject to your payment of the filing fee. No other service is included in this package or subject to a refund. Once an answer is filed on your behalf no refund will be provided, or if no filing fee is paid then once an answer is drafted and reviewed for you no refund will be provided.

Click here and request a consultation. Please designate if you would like a consultation with a licensed attorney or licensed and accredited Debt Resolution company in your state. The consultation is FREE of charge.

What Happens If I Don't Respond?

Receiving a court summons can be stressful, do not worry...we are here to help! We will assist you start to finish

If a debt collector files a lawsuit against you to collect a debt, it's important to respond - either yourself or through an attorney. The most important thing is to respond. That might mean writing a response and showing up to court, by any deadline listed in the court papers, regardless of whether you think you owe the debt or not.

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Our licensed attorney reviews your case

Your attorney will draft a legal and accurate response to the summons

You may view the drafted response via PDF download.

Our dedicated attorney will calculate the filing cost for your state.

Your document is filed on your behalf.

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