About Us

Do not let debt collection harassment force you into wrong decisions. Make your own choices about which debts to pay first based on what is best for you and your family.

You know that you are not a deadbeat but circumstances (like job loss, illness, or unexpected events) outside your control have prevented you from paying all your debts. The debt collectors know this but try to pressure you into paying their debt first. StopSuit understands that it is your job to make the right decision for you and your family.

If the creditor sues you, you have a right to respond and raise defenses. Doing so may stop the creditor from pursuing the case. However, failing to respond to a lawsuit or failing to show up in court when required may result in a win by default for the creditor, which would turn the unsecured debt into a judgment. A court judgment is a higher priority debt than a regular unsecured debt.

You will lose any lawsuit if you do not respond to the lawsuit properly. If you do respond properly within time deadlines, and raise reasonable defenses, you have a good chance of winning or of the creditor dropping the lawsuit. The stronger your defenses, the better your chances.

This is where StopSuit helps you fight back, by asking you a few simple questions about your case. Your answers and defenses are prepared based on your responses. From there you can evaluate and file on your own, use it as a guideline for discussion with an attorney to help guide you through the evaluation and filing process, or request an attorney in your area to defend the matter on your behalf from beginning to end.

StopSuit is your self-help tool that helps you understand the step by step process so that defending against a collection lawsuit is hopefully not as scary as it once was.